Cindy & Michael

"Harmony Now" 

Please enjoy a selection of videos created by Michael Fess 

Making of a Gallopalooza horse by Cindy Lowy Fess 

"Sandcastles" a song  from Lemurian Dream by Michael Fess

"Beauty" a song from Healing Music by Michael Fess

"Softly the Rain" song by Michael Fess

"The Art of Allowing" talk at Angels Now Conference by Michael and Cindy Fess

Angel Harmony Meditation by Cindy Fess (done live at Harmony Now Playshop)

"Leila's Blue Serenade" recorded aboard Royal Caribbean cruise ship by Michael Fess

"Jesus Christ" from Heaven Sent album by Michael Fess

Angel Harmony Message #!2 by Cindy Fess

Angel Harmony Message #!3 by Cindy Fess

Venus Transit Talk by Cindy Fess, Candie Michelle

Beautiful Child by Michael Fess

Prayer by Michael Fess

Cindy Fess wire-wrapping jewelry

Music and video by Michael Fess featuring the art of Trent Altman

Featuring Homer C. Ledford (Cindy's Dad)  by Michael Fess

Song written for Cindy Fess by Michael Fess: In Love with You

My Old Kentucky Home, video by Michael Fess

Angel Harmony Message #! by Cindy Fess

WHAS interview with Rachel Platt