"We play it all day!"

"Please tell Michael that his music is the music that my husband and I listen to all day. From the minute I get up, I put his cds in my cd player and they play throughout the day until we go to bed. We could not do without Michael's music. It keeps us in a nice, peaceful groove all day,  making us calm and balanced. It is 'THE' music we always turn on. We now have 5 of his cds, and plan to get more. Thank you Michael!"

Karen Umberg, Cincinnati, KY

"...thank you, thank you, thank you!"

"I received the pendant today. I came home and meditated with it and am wearing it now! Thank you, thank you, thank you!" B. R., Virgin Islands

"...I have had many compliments on it already!"

"I LOVE it!!!! I have had many compliments on it already and my boyfriends thinks it is a stunning piece of jewelry." M. Crump, Lexington, KY

"...I love it!"

"Oh my goodness, Cindy. I got the pendant today and it is much more beautiful than the picture. I love it!!!! ~Christine A, Elizabethtown, KY

"I love all my pieces..."

"I love all my pieces you created for me Cindy! ~Radio Host, Sharon McWilliams, Louisville, KY


Gift Certificates available in any amount for any of our services and products.  We can email, text, facebook messages, or mail gift certificates! CALL: 502-594-5745.

What Customers say about Cindy's Jewelry


"....I wore a green obsidian pendant by Cindy Fess. People were mesmerized by it! Then, today I was at Best Buy and a customer rep came up to me and was admiring my garnet pendant by Cindy....yes, mesmerized again! Of course I told everyone who made these pendants and made sure they wrote down Cindy's name. If you could only see the expression on people's faces! ~Lahna Harris Barnes, New Albany, IN 

"I LOVE it..."

"I have Heaven Sent CD and I LOVE It!!!! Thank you Cindy and Michael. What a blessing!" K. Clevenger, COLO

"Love the Heaven Sent!.."

"Julie Webb, Artist, Louisville, KY

"The Mandala you did is just beautiful..."

"Hello Cindy. I am still processing the info from my Reading. The Mandala you did is just beautiful. The Angel, is well, I can't find words to describe her. Reading your book (Harmony and Me) has been an enormous help to  me in cementing some of the things you told me. I know you've heard from gazillions of people just how talented you are...it's so deserved! You and Michael are truly gifted and I feel so honored to know you, and am so grateful to have found you. I look forward to your next meditation. I've learned so much from just being there. Thanks again so much. Many blessings, ~K.S. Louisville, KY

"Rave reviews!..."

"Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I have heard nothing but RAVE REVIEWS from everyone I talked to that met you and has had Readings from you both! Blessings." Rev. Betty Eve, IN

"You have such a gift..."

"Hello Michael. I want to express how much I enjoyed your all''s meditation this past Sunday. Thank you so much! I am learning so much from your teachings when you did Readings for all of us. You have such a gift for being lighthearted and funny in sharing your knowledge, and I am truly grateful to you and Cindy for the opportunity to attend. Your music is also truly inspiring! Thanks again. ~K.S. Louisville, KY

What clients say about Intuitive Readings with Art

What customers say about Michael's Music

"...Awesome experience.."

"Very awesome experience, thank you. You are a very gifted musician! `Carla

"Your music moves me!..."

"Words totally fail when it comes to expressing how much your music moves me! The beauty just washes over me and is so healing. I am so grateful for the magic it creates with and around me. Blessings! ~Lisa McDowell, Louisville, KY

"BEST guided meditation I have ever heard..."

""I am writing to thank you both: Michael...for your beautiful music...I listen to "Calm CD" every night and also have it on my phone so I can listen to it whenever I am away from home. And Cindy, your guided meditation is the BEST I have ever heard. This transports me to places I have never known. Awe-mazing!!! Laurie MacAdams

"It's a wonderful CD..."

"Michael, I have been listening to Lemurian Dream CD during meditation and just before sleep for the past 6-8 weeks. I love the tones and subtle bursts of sound that I experience as resonating at a cellular level. It's a wonderful CD that has intensified and raised my level of awareness about the links between conciousness and sound. Keep up the good work! ~Judy Myer

"Perfect for yoga, tai chi, meditation..."

"Lemurian Dream CD is a sparkling, soothing source of enchantment. Perfect for yoga, tai chi, meditation, or as an inspirational backdrop for creative work. Michael has a gift for flowing melodies that take you into dimensions of love and beauty! Angelic and peaceful music...I highly recommend his work." Leslie Moise, author, Louisville, KY

"I am enchanted!

"Just wanted to say thank you for the beautiful collaboration of angel guidance and prayer. You are both inspiring and so lighthearted. I am uplifted. I have been listening to some of your music and I am enchanted! Blessings and Happy Easter, Janet A Morecraft

"What a wonderful Playshop!"

"Cindy and Michael sure know how to present a fun and thought provoking event. The Manifesting Playshop (workshop) was full of ideas and tips to get us thinking about our blocks and what we want to manifest in 2015!!! Now don't you wish you had attended?" Phyllis Vaught, Clarksville, IN


Cindy & Michael

"Harmony Now" 

"It's amazing!"

"I just want to say that I LOVE your "God's Whisper" double cd set, especially the affirmation cd!  My son was having a hard time blocking the scary stuff. I played the affirmation cd for my kids while they were falling asleep. It is amazing! I have started reading your book, "Harmony and Me," and I can tell it will be great as well! Thank you for your words of wisdom today. Beth Johnson