Cindy & Michael

"Harmony Now" 

Private Phone Readings- Spiritually Guided Sessions

Your session starts with a prayer for you.

  • Answers to your questions. Ask whatever you want to know, get answers now!
  • ONLY one reader, either Cindy or Michael

   See below for options:

  • MESSAGES: Your reading includes sacred  Messages from your spiritual guides and angels.
  • reiki healing energy for your spiritual growth and well-being.
  • SPIRITUAL MENTORING: Your questions about spirituality answered.
  • Personalized guided visualization-guided imagery-meditation to help you with whatever issue you are trying to resolve. These are VERY powerful in helping you move forward and are specific to your needs.
  • LIFE COACHING: We assist you in finding your life purpose, better relationships, best career, greater happiness. Step by step.
  • MESSAGES FROM BEYOND: Contacting your loved ones in Spirit. See what they say...
  • POWER OF PRAYER: We pray with you and for you....intercessory prayer.
  • BREAKING UNHEALTHY RELATIONSHIPS: Helping you detach from unhealthy relationships, including unwanted habits.
  • and more!


  • $2.50 per minute (prices may change without notice. Sessions must be paid in advance or at the start of the reading.
  • Suggested length of Reading: at least 30 minutes to get everything you need in one session. One hour is our maximum time for a single session.

PLEASE NOTE: Phone Readings with just one Reader (Cindy or Michael) do NOT include recordings. You may record them on your end).

Readings with Cindy

and Michael

Your Session Includes-

  • TWO experienced Readers in one session, with both Cindy & Michael  (we have read thousands of people since 1998).
  • Angel Messages just for you.
  • Angel Art Mandala by Cindy includes your name with special sacred healing energy and symbols, affirmations, messages and more. A beautiful 12 x 12 inch mandala to cherish and frame! (retail value: $100.00 (see sample below).
  • Handwritten prayer by Michael, to say every day. Beautiful and  meaningful! 
  • handwritten angel messages from your angels.
  • Answers to your questions. Ask whatever you want to know, get answers now!
  • Session does NOT include recording, but you are welcome to record on your end.

Your session lasts at least 45 minutes to one hour. 

PRICES: (Hurry! Price increase coming soon).

  • in person fee is a minimum of $111 (same price with or without healing art mandala)
  • POSTAGE: PHONE SESSIONS: we add additional $10 within the US for S/H to mail all materials to you.

PLEASE NOTE! We do NOT encourage booking a session for two people at the same time. It is important to schedule your own private session, so that you may speak freely and feel comfortable getting personal messages. Signals can get crossed when reading more than one person at a time. Therefore, we do not encourage this. However, if you need this to be done, the fee is double (in other words, we charge for TWO people, as the readings take twice as long.

"In awe of your Reading!..."

"Hi Cindy! I am still in awe of my Reading (with Art) that you and Michael did for me, and most happy with it! I have been using your advice...and it is working perfectly. However, in all my excitement, I did forget to purchase your guided meditation cds that I feel will be wonderful, as you both are.Thank you for your wonderful insight and understanding. Blessed be."
M. Bowling, KY

What do you need to know now?


Gift Certificates are available in any amount for any of our services.

All Readings and sessions are considered sacred. All Readings-Guided Sessions are positive, comforting and nurturing. We always start with a prayer to create a  sacred space for you. We have many satisfied clients around the world. We would love to do a session for you! Cindy & Michael


 CALL:   Cindy at 502-594-5745

               Michael 502-432-4108