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"Harmony Now" 


Music Man

Our new double CD is now available! Michael launched his new double CD set, "God's Whisper." The new music is absolutely divine! One CD is all music (about 43 min.) and the other is music with Positive Affirmations narrated by Cindy L. Fess. A wonderful set to meditate to, relax to, and manifest the positive life you want to live! Order your copy now. Makes a great gift!

VERY NEWEST CDS: Larimar, Amethyst, Atlantis Rising

"The music is absolutely heavenly, and the affirmation CD is wonderful for meditation!" Phyllis V. IN

Harmony Now Video Series

fun to watch, deeply informative....

Michael and Cindy are making more great videos for you with fascinating topics. Please follow our Harmony Now Video Series on YouTube as we explore a variety of subjects.  You can also subscribe to our YouTube channel (Michael Fess). We Please share with your friends. There is something for everyone!

What's New

We have an exciting year planned with some fabulous shows and conferences across the country, speaking, performing, hosting out of town Guided Meditation and Spiritual Development Classes and Guided Meditations, making new videos, new music, lots of new jewelry and art, and best of all, reconnecting with old friends and making new ones. We, along with just about everyone we know, have been on a roller coaster ride, as we all navigate the new energies of Divine Love streaming to this planet. We are all being offered the opportunity to release the things that are no longer in our highest good, whether it is our job, relationships, old patterns and habits, poor diets, and much more. It is time to truly love ourselves in every way we possible can. This is easy once you decide you are going to do it. Once decided, you will find that you begin to automatically make better choices for yourself. Will it happen quickly? It all depends on how willing you are to release the old and allow better things to come your way. Look at it all as a process, and be patient with yourself. After all, life is about the journey, and the experiences and learning along the way. Now, let's bring more positive thought, light and love into our daily lives. You can do it! Blessings from Cindy & Michael


Cindy Fess

Cindy's Gems

Cindy is very excited to offer a new line of jewelry, her copyrighted art as jewelry line: "Cindy's Art to Wear Jewelry." Each gorgeous wearable work of art is infused with healing energy, intentions and prayers and comes with a special Healing intentions card. New designs are being added, so you can always find something meaningful that is perfect for you or a loved one!

Since 1981, award-winning jeweler, Cindy Fess, has been satisfying many thousands of customers worldwide. Her mission is to create beautiful jewelry that inspires, uplifts, heals, and delights. She is excited about the many new stones she is wrapping and turning into exquisite Cindy's Gems for you. If you want to be on of the first to see her newest creations, simply send her a Facebook request for Cindy Fess. She posts new stunning jewelry on a daily basis. If you see something you like, get it before it's gone! If you have stones you want made into something really special, or you would like to commission Cindy to create a special gift for someone, simply email, call, or send her a Facebook message and she will respond quickly with suggestions and price quotes. Excellent service is her priority. Are you already a lucky customer? Send Cindy a picture of yourself via email, text or Facebook with your name and Cindy will put you on her Jewelry Wall of Fame. 

Thank you!

HOST US and earn FREE products!

We offer traveling classes and trunk shows. If you would like us to do a Harmony Now class, workshop, event in your area, call us for more information at 502-594-5745. We are happy to work with you on creating a very special program to suit your group's needs! Additionally, we are happy to give a portion of our product sales at your event to your favorite advertised charity. Cindy & Michael

Feel the love, feel the harmony! Cindy and Michael are currently booking their speaking and musical performance schedule for the next six months. They offer a motivational talk which includes guided meditation and Michael's music. Very inspiring, relaxing, and fun! The host gets a minimum of $50 in FREE products (with a minimum of 12 paid attendees). We charge a reasonable class fee (and if distance is long, we charge additional travel fees).

These traveling classes/trunk shows are very popular and fill up quickly! Book your preferred date now!

***FOR CLASS TOPICS: You may choose from the above list, or make a request for another topic not listed.

Included with class fee:

  • guided meditation
  • inspirational talk
  • each attendee gets an angel message
  • (optional: original and well known music sung and performed by Cindy & Michael Fess)
  • Harmony Now trunk show: jewelry, music, guided meditations, art, books.

Optional add-on:  private scheduled angel Readings if enough people want to sign up for another day of readings.

Michael and Cindy welcome invitations to present Harmony Now Events. For hosting details, please call Cindy at 502-594-5745 or Michael at 502-432-4108. 

KEYNOTE SPEAKING by Cindy & Michael

to inspire, entertain,  and inform....

Please join Michael and Cindy Fess for a fun-filled, entertaining and informative talk! Feel the love as this dynamic couple presents timely talks to motivate your group in a down-to-earth and easy-to-understand way. Always inspired, these talks are just what you need now to get you going in the right direction. Call now for available dates and speaking fees.
most requested topics-

  • "Top Ten Tips to a Happy Life"-Reset Your Intentions for a Happy Life Do-over! Do you ever wonder why some people are happy, despite their less than great life circumstances? We share simple secrets to creating your own happy world. Come join the fun!

  • "Working it Out at Work:" How to create a stress-free harmonious work environment. In today's work environment, the stress can be overwhelming. Learn how to protect your space and energy, how to have good boundaries; Learn ways to keep peace in the workplace; tips for staying centered, grounded and peaceful. Whether a boss, manager, employee or self-employed, find out how to create a work environment that is peaceful, productive, and harmonious.

  • "Relationship Makeovers"-Essential Tips for Harmonious Relationships. Relationships take work. Learn the essentials to the most important relationship; the one with yourself. From there, we help you discover ways to create fulfilling relationships of all kinds.

  • "Caring for the Caregiver" Are you or someone you know a caregiver? Being a caregiver can be very stressful and demanding. Learn how to take care of yourself so you can perform better as a caregiver. Tips and tricks for staying balanced, peaceful and healthy throughout it all.

  • "The Magic of Manifesting"- How to Manifest what you want for each area of Your Life! Manifesting takes focus. We show you just how easy it is to focus on what you want, while deleting the habit of focusing on what you do not want. We share simple tips to get you started on the journey to creating what you want. Begin the process of manifesting immediately and enjoy the magic of receiving it!

  • "Angels and Us"-Do Angels Really Exist? Yes they do! How Angels Speak to Us and How We Can Listen. We share true stories of angel encounters and help you connect with the angelic realm by taking you through a guided meditation to meet your angels.

  • "Finding Your Twin Flame: How to Attract Your Perfect Life Partner"-Be Happy in Love. In order to have the perfect relationship, you must first define what you do not want. We help you release old patterns that keep you stuck in the same type of dissatisfying relationships. Learn how to begin new healthy patterns of good boundaries, realistic expectations, and successful ways to communicate. Find out how to attract the perfect mate.

  • "The Law of One, Teachings of Ra." Learn secrets to success by practicing the Law of One. In this lecture, you will find ways to make everything flow in your life by living in the "Oneness." When we simplify life by going into Oneness, we find that life is much more meaningful, harmonious, balance and successful. We will have a guided meditation to help you go into the "Oneness conciousness."

  • "Star Born" Where do you come from? Learn about star beings, nations, and their role here on earth and what is going on in our solar system and beyond..
  • "The Mystery and Meaning of Lemuria and Atlantis" Discover what really went on, and how that affects our world today! Ancient healing techniques and more....

  • "Our Pets as Spiritual Beings and Healers" Can animals heal? Do they understand us? What do they want from us? How can we understand what they want to tell us? Animals are raising their conciousness just as humans are.Many of them came here to assist us on our life's journey, not just to be our companions, but to be teachers and healers as well. It is easy to be tune into them, once you practiced a few tips for communication with the. Learn how to be an "Animal Whisperer."



502-594-5745 or 502-432-4108