Cindy & Michael

"Harmony Now" 



If you feel our work is a benefit to humanity, and you are called to offer financial support to help us broaden our outreach and continue the high level of inspiration and service we offer, it would be gladly accepted and greatly appreciated!

You may make an offering in any amount, through PayPal using your credit card or eCheck by clicking on the secure button below. If you prefer to mail a check, that is fine as well. Or, send money to Paypal at cindylowy@aol.com. Please mail to:

​Cindy Fess, 3022 Lake Vista Dr, Louisville, KY 40241

Abundance can be found within our own hearts. We create from a place of desire and gratitude....feeling grateful for what is yet to come, as if we already have it. This is faith in action, trusting that everything is already done. We believe we will succeed in opening many thousands of hearts across this planet through our dedication and desire to serve at the highest level. Cindy and Michael

A Prayer for You from us

May your blessings overflow....

"Creator of All things, both great and small, today, we ask for divine blessings of love, abundance, prosperity, good health, harmony, peace and happiness for all those who read these words. May they know deep peace. May they prosper in all things. May they know your true, unconditional love. May their hearts be open, allowing, and happy. May their lives be harmonious and joyful. May they know deep gratitude, and share their many gifts freely and graciously. May they always be connected to their own inner wisdom, their divine connection. May their angels gather around them now, and give them continuous love and protection. Today, we give thanks for the many people who have come to us, and for the many who you are sending for us to help. Thank you for allowing us to be of service. Thank you for our many gifts. Thank you for our many blessings. Thank you for the many graces you so freely give to us. Please keep us on the right path, doing what you would have us do, helping those you send to us, with your assistance, to the best of our abilities. From  our hearts, we thank you sweet Creator, and we open our hearts to you." In love and appreciation, Cindy and Michael Fess

From our hearts, we thank you so much for your gift of abundance! Much peace, abundance, and blessings to you!  ~Cindy & Michael