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"Harmony Now" 

Harmony and Me, by Cindy Lowy Fess (Chicago Spectrum Press). Please email me at cindylowyfess@yahoo.com to order. $20.95

Let us create harmony wherever we are and for whomever we are with through our loving thoughts, words, actions and prayers. 

Angel Harmony Messages

Why Angels? Because angels are for everyone, no matter what your religion or belief system. They assist God in bringing more love to this planet. They are here to help us, on behalf of our Creator.


"Dear beautiful child, today, in this moment, I tell you that you are a beautiful blessing to the world. You are a sacred beloved creation straight from the heart of the Greatest Creator of All, your loving heavenly Mother-Father God. You are indeed a beautiful spirit, cocreating with your Creator to bring about love and understanding on this planet. For in your allowing of the unconditional love of your Creator to flow into your heart, you become a beacon of light for all to see. As you allow this unconditional love to flow freely from your heart, you become a conduit of great healing on this earth plane. Therefore, little child, let this abundant never-ending love flow infinitely into your heart and out to all who are ready to receive. In this, you are love in action, a healing light and balm unto the world.  The angelic realm and host of spiritual guides working with you, thank you for having responded to his call, for allowing yourself to be the blessing you are, to yourself, and to all. We are all with you, we love you, we support and assist you. We speak to you in gratitude to your beautiful heart." Angel Harmony


"Dear beautiful children, choose today for peace. Choose peace in your hearts, peace in your homes, peace in your families. Choose peace at work, peace in public. As you choose for peace, you become peace. Many angels are sent to assist you today in being vessels of peace. We love you. And we hold you safe and dear in our hearts. Choose love over hate, friendship over divisiveness, and comradeship and partnership. There is  no hurt or wound too deep to heal, and no storm too great to calm. Remember, we, your angels, are with you and can change the tides of war to peace, in the world, and in your hearts. I give you my love and blessings." Angel Harmony 


The Story of meeting Angel Harmony

 An Artist meets  an Angel...

   by Cindy Lowy Fess

Many years ago, I went through a powerful spiritual re-awakening. During that tough year of many challenges (1995-1996), I began to wake up to my innate spiritual nature. I read books about angels, near death experiences, meditation and more. While rekindling my natural psychic ability, spiritual knowing, and embracing the Christ conciousness, I met an Angel...and her name, she told me, was Angel Harmony. As I got to know her through meditation and contemplative prayer, I came to know and love her as a best friend and constant companion. She, along with my many spiritual guides and angels, renewed my faith in a Higher Power. I was overjoyed to find my way back to Mother-Father God, the Great All that Is, our Creator. 

As I began to converse with Angel Harmony on a daily basis, I felt compelled to write a book about my spiritual reawakening. But write the book, I knew it had to include the miraculous meeting with Angel Harmony. It was clear that she wanted to speak to all of humanity through the pages of my book. She wanted to speak to the hearts of all people. And so, with great joy, I began to write a little every day. At first I wrote in pencil my own story. And Angel Harmony always had an answer to any of my own earthly challenges (challenges

 common to everyone).

When I finally finished writing the book, I added my drawings, poems, affirmations, quotes and prayers. When pondering what to title my book, I felt it had to be "Harmony and Me." 

This book, since its publication, has helped many people. It contains the love and messages of Angel Harmony, and the comfort she wanted to share with everyone. 

On this page, you will find other Angel Harmony Messages that are not in my book. These messages are from her to you, from her heart to yours. 

I hope you enjoy spending a little time with Angel Harmony. She is everybody's angel, and she is here to bring love, hope, and harmony to all.....

Warmest blessings to you,

Cindy Lowy Fess