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What a lovely couple! So blessed to have met you folks and have you in my life!
Pat Brown

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What customers say about Michael’s Music
“Michael, Listened to your music on the way home from church today, it was snowing, very windy, with the sun peeking out occasionally through the trees. The music seemed to go with the weather perfectly, Very Awesome Experience, thank you. You are a very gifted musician.” ~ Carla

“Michael, I have been listening to the Lemurian Dream CD during meditation and just before sleep for the past 6-8 weeks. I love the tones and subtle bursts of sound that I experience as resonating at a cellular level. It’s a wonderful CD that has intensified and raised my level of awareness about the links between consciousness and sound. Keep up the good work! Thanks. ~ Judy Myer

“Lemurian Dreams is a sparkling, soothing source of enchantment. perfect for yoga, tai chi, meditation, or as an inspirational backdrop for creative work. Michael has a gift for flowing melodies that take you into dimensions of love and beauty! Angelic and peaceful music… I highly recommend his work.” ~ Leslie Moise, Louisville, KY

“Words totally fail when it comes to expressing how much your music moves me! The beauty just washes over me and is so healing! I am so grateful for the magic it creates with and around me! Blessings!” ~ Lisa McDowell, Louisville, KY

"I am writing to thank you both...Michael....for your BEAUTIFUL music...i listen to "Calm" every night and also have it on my phone so i can listen to it whenever i am away from home. it's magical...thank you for sharing your gift of music with me.  and cindy...your guided meditation is the very best i have ever heard. this transports me to places i have never known. Awe-mazing!!!!" ~ Laurie MacAdams

Readings & Guided Angel Meditations Testimonials:

“Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I heard nothing but RAVE REVIEWS from everyone that I talked to that met you and has had Readings from you all!  Blessings.” ~ B. Eve, IN 

“Hello Michael. I wanted to express how much I enjoyed the meditation this past Sunday. Thank you so much! Also, I wanted to let you know how much I am learning, lessons and otherwise, from your “teachings” when you are doing readings for all of us. You have such a gift for being light-hearted and funny in sharing your knowledge, and I am truly grateful to you and Cindy both for the opportunity to attend. Your music is truly inspiring! Thanks again.”~ K. S., Louisville, KY

“I enjoyed meeting you and having my mandala done so much. You have left me with a lot to think about… I’ve been really thinking about what you said to me, and trying to take some action. I appreciate your time and wisdom. It makes me realize that what we do is really important. What you said to me has really made me think about things differently, and prompted me to move towards working through, and healing some things in my life. You are so gifted!”  ~ L. L, Louisville, KY

“Hi Michael & Cindy, I just don’t have enough gratitude to give to you both for sharing all that you did with me. You both are so pure of heart and I love and appreciate you so dearly. I am still integrating and processing it all. Thank you both so much for your time, your purity, and your huge loving hearts. I envelope you in the full Light and Love of Christ, and stand in gratitude for the crossing of our paths. I know there is much more work we have to do ahead. Blessings dear ones, ~ Kim, New Albany, IN

‘Hello Cindy. I am still processing all the info from my reading. The mandala you did is just beautiful. The Angel is, well, I can’t find words to describe her. Reading your book has been an enormous help to me in cementing some of the things you told me. I know you’ve heard from gazillions of people just how talented you are . . . it’s so deserved! You and Michael are truly gifted and I feel so honored to know you, and I am so grateful to have found you. I will be looking forward to the next  meditation. I’ve learned so much just from being there. Thanks again so much. Many blessings, ~ K.S. ~Louisville, KY

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