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                  "Becoming Traveler" 
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   "The  Embrace"

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            NEW CD!! "Heaven Sent" is an angel album with songs about
Arch Angel Michael, Raphael, Metatron, Jesus. The Blessed Mother. It is heavenly music
featuring harp, acoustic guitar, and piano.

 Healing Music
Take a journey of peace and calm in this music…pure and easy on the soul. "Healing Music"sets a tone of ease, not only for yourself-but all the energy around you. This music consists of piano, strings, and acoustic guitar weaving a vibration that is hard to resist. Great background music, perfect healers and energy workers of all types.

The Embrace has a variety of melodies that move and intertwine like a ballet. This is cd has a certain rhythem to it that you cant escape...perfect for downtime but great for ipod or walking, as well!


Peaceful Music for a Peaceful Life’—more than a meditation CD, this is a melodic treasure, filled with life and spirit. You can journey to the stars & beyond to songs that open portals in your heart to Sirius, the Pleiades, Lyra, Arcturus, Pan, (Lemuria), Atlantis, even Camelot. Visual and emotional, Serenity glimmers with hope for a better day for all Star-Nations. Perfect for yoga, meditation, power walking, reading, cycling, & those quiet, gentle times in your life.


‘Soothing Music for the Spirit’—Like its twin, "Healing Music", these two albums go hand-in-hand to promote joy! It weaves a tone of beautiful music, like a tapestry of beautiful art. And much like art, you’ll discover something different every time you listen to this captivating collage of beauty, set to music.


 Lemurian Dream
This is Goddess Music, to help you move from ‘the Language of the Mind’ to the’ Language of the Heart.’ Inspired by Lemurian Elders—this dance of the stars captures the essence of Lemuria—the Garden of Eden, hovering in the ethers above the Pacific Ocean. The future of new age music—pure, straight from the Heart, and radically different from anything you’ve heard before. Enjoy the magic of Gaia as the music takes you on a magic carpet ride.

                       Spirits in the Light
This is a compilation of original music by Michael spanning 30 years of his musical career. Includes vocals by Michael, guest vocalists, horn arrangements, and an instrumental waltz. Rock, blues, jazz, and classical arrangements weave their throughout this fabulous musical collage. Although this is quite a departure from New Age music, it is infinitely inspiring. This fun and lively music will make you want to dance!


The Treasure
Originally made for a reiki master, this album is the perfect vehicle for energy work of all types. 'The Treasure" helps us to see the treasure inside of us, as well as the treasures in our life. It is full of soft melodies and never gets in the way.


 Softly, The Rain
This album came about at the request of a mother who wanted a song for her unborn granddaughter. In the studio I began to hear rain as I was composing the song... and all of a sudden Voila! A new cd!

                                       Guided Meditations                    

The Sacred Temple of the Book of Wishes
 (Guided Meditation)
A guided meditation with Michael’s magical music, perfect for adults or kids. Cindy guides you to a sacred temple surrounded by angels where you can place your wishes in the Book of Wishes. Allow yourself to be visually swept away in time and space for a deeply relaxing meditation. A bestseller! Cover Art Painting: by Cindy Lowy Fess


Angel Harmony
  (Guided Meditation)
The Perfect Guided Angel Meditation—The definitive Angel Meditation for the 21stcentury! If you have difficulty meditating on your own, you will love this guided meditation. Cindy’s soothing voice and Michael’s music relax and comfort you as you journey to the sacred place inside your Heart. Journey with Cindy, Angel Harmony, and Michael in the first of a series of guided Angel Meditations by Cindy & Michael. Cover Art: Cindy Lowy Fess


     Journey Through The Stars      
      This cd is very visual and the music will leave you breathless. This journey entices you to fly with Cindy surrounded with all the beauty of the planets and stars flying by. You go to that special place of comfort and beauty and healing ....embracing everything around you til Cindy comes to bring you back home. This one is a real adventure and even better with headphones!                                        


                                   Healing The Inner Child

   This album will take you on a journey to the deepest parts of yourself with a serene, musical landscape that invites one to heal. Cindy's voice and spiritually-inspired channeling creates a CD like no other before it. It is also a work you can use time and time again. Great of ipod or ipad too if you're on the go. 


 The Unicorn Song
The Unicorn Song cd came from a wonderful workshop that Cindy and I hosted at our home. The meditation moves you thru this portal to the world of the Unicorns where you meet your own Unicorn and fall in love with that realm. It is an escape and you can do it over and over again - the music is also out-of-this-world.

VISA/MC/Dscvr accepted. Michael: 502-432-4108 

Michael Music Signature Song Series

Now you can have your energy captured in song. The Michael Music Signature Song SeriesTM is a unique service where your essence is captured on piano. After the initial recording,  Michael takes your Personal Signature Soul Song into the studio and puts it on CD. The final product is a Professionally Mastered CD with your energy set to your own original        personal song that includes a beautiful art cover with your name in the title. Treat yourself to a totally unique. This service makes an awesome gift…for you or someone you love.  Call for a price quote now! Michael: 502-432-4108
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