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Angel Messages by Cindy L. Fess
Prayers by Michael Fess
ABOUT THE MESSAGES: Cindy and Michael ask God to send in the angels and archangels to bring forth daily messages and prayers. These are a few of those messages.

Please feel free to copy and paste, but please kindly give credit to the authors, Cindy L. Fess
 and Michael Fess of www.GetHarmonyNow.com

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Good morning to our Get Harmony Now friends! Here is a message I received from Angel Harmony for you today: "Dear beautiful children, choose today for peace. Choose peace in your hearts. Peace in your homes, peace in your families. Peace at work. Peace in public. As you choose for peace, you become peace. We send many angels to assist you today in being vessels of peace. We love you. And we hold you safe and dear in out hearts. Choose love over hate, friendship over divineness , and comradeship and partnership. There is no hurt or wound too deep to heal, and no storm too great to calm. Remember, we are with you and can change the tides of war to peace, in the world and in your hearts. I give you my love and my blessing." Angel Harmony 2-4-12

·         Cindy Fess 2-5-12
I say a prayer for all our Facebook group Get Harmony Now: today, I ask our Creator to sustain you with faith, the energy you need to carry on, the joy to put a bounce in your step, and the peace of mind to stay in each moment. I pray you make a little game out of being positive: for every negative thought, simply replace it with two positive thoughts. That way you will always have more positive thoughts in your " spiritual bank account" than negative ones. So it is. Amen PS: let me know how this works out for you today. Please post your thoughts on this tonight.:)
Michael Fess
·         Dearest One
·         Life has led you to this one particular time and space, and for all you’ve been through, this one is the grandest of them all.
·         Perhaps we would remind you today that the time that is upon you for what you desire…is the time where you will ‘get out of your own way’ and allow us to bring those things to you. For you have the heart and soul of a goddess and you must return to your infinite magnificence.
·         That manifience is an inspiration to us
·         It is an inspiration to others.
·         ... It is a lifeline to all that have been lost – in this – or any world.
·         This is Your Year. This is Your time.
·         Now you must allow it to be so.
·         And continue to be the Master you have always been.
·         God grant me Peace Love Light and Joy all the days of my life.
·         So be it.
·         So it is.
·         Amen.
·         Cindy Fess
We are being given the opportunity to release old patterns of fear and loss. As we stay centered in our own center of power, it is easier to decide that we do not have to hold onto anything that makes us feel bad. This includes grudges, hostility, anger, fear, worry, guilt, misplaced responsibilities (feeling that we have to fix others' problems), bad habits, bad jobs, bad relationships, and unhappy thoughts. As we continually choose to be happy, it becomes easier to let go of the old and unproductive, draining patterns. Let us move forward with faith, trust, and joy. Let us create happiness and abundance be loving it into being. I wish you a lovely and happy day.
·         Cindy Fess
Today, I ask our Creator to bless and heal all in our Get Harmony Now group. Today, I pray that we all are shown the magnitude of divine love. I pray we know that our angels and guides are with us every step of the way. I pray we see the Truth, speak the Truth, and resonate with Truth. I pray for our hearts to be open to give and receive love. Let us stay centered and grounded in divine love, truth, and joy. And so it is. Amen.
·         Cindy Fess
Today, allow things to flow. When we surrender control of how we think things should go, we can settle into the natural order and flow of events. Breathe deep, release and allow yourself the chance to go within and release your thoughts that weigh you down. Breathe deeply and enjoy the breath of life, and your connection to All That Is. Peace to you, and many blessings
·         Cindy Fess
Good morning to all our Facebook friends and welcome to our newembers! Today, I pray you know that you are never alone, for you have many angels and spiritual guides with you. They are always loving you, guiding you, and protecting you. Ask them for assistance, and allow them to help you as they bring you love and healing. Doubt, worry, guilt, and fear are difficult energies, so release them and allow the higher frequencies of faith, light and love to fill you up. Your heartfelt prayers are powerful as you allow Source to partner with you in creating better conditions and a Higher good for all.I pray you surrender your cares to your Creator and feel the peace of knowing you are always safe and provided for. Many blessings for a good day
·         Michael Fess
Dear God
There is river of Love all around me Lord..
Please let me swim in the Waters of Your Love
Let me know the Heart of Heaven and please send it to me in my dreams
I allow Your Light to fill me up and wash over me and carry me away
... All my life All the years All the joy All the pain

Has led me to this moment
I speak from the Lord God of my Being
I am Light I am Love I Am I Am
In my quietest moments Lord...I hear the music of Heaven
I hear the beating of my own heart
I know the Love of All of Heaven is here waiting for me
God grant me Peace Love Light and Joy all the days of my life
Jan 28 2012
·         Cindy Fess 2-6-12
Today, I pray that as you go from activity to activity, you be mindful of how each thought and action makes you feel. I pray you stay centered in your own beautiful and sacred self. I pray you nurture yourself and remember to play and relax. I pray you give yourself a break from worry and fear, and be gentle with yourself. I ask your angels to hold you in their loving arms. Peace
·         Cindy Fess 2-7-12
Good morning everyone! Today, I pray you choose to see only good, to have faith that you are divinely guided and protected. I pray your angels gather close to you, and that you take a moment to breathe deep and listen to the guidance you are given. Peace
·         Cindy Fess 2-8-12
Faith is something we decide to have. It is a choice. So today, let us choose to believe .... that all our needs are met, that all obstacles are removed, that we are powerful masters of energy and light. As we focus on the good and refuse to feed fear and negativity, we step into our full power as cocreators with our Creator. Faith is an option; faith is a choice. Each of us has unlimited assistance and protection from Spirit. Our angels and guides simply wait for US to choose what we focus on and they eagerly wait to assist us! I pray for each of you today that your faith be strong and that you magnify your own light through positive thoughts and prayer. May you be richly blessed today:)
·         Cindy Fess 2-9-12
Today, let us make a game of doing for others what we wish we had. As we say and do good and loving things, it helps pull us out of our own problems. It is an amazingly easy tonic to unhappiness and a troubled nature. As we do good, we feel better, because anything that is loving and helpful builds up our energy. I pray for a blessed day of goodness for all, and that we all choose to build up through love. Namaste.
·         Michael Fess
Dear God,
I know that I stand on the very threshold of the greatest moments in my life. I can feel your love and caring for me and I am very moved by this. It is almost as if a great light broke thru the clouds and is shining down all around me... touching my heart... showing me the way. This is my time now, and I own it. Let the waters of spirits' love wash over me again and again. I know now, that I am sovereign in the estate of my being. So be it. So it is.
And now, sweet spirit, my life has become like a beautiful song... and the melody is so sweet and pure. Let me forever hear that song, dear Lord.
So now I surrender... and I will walk this path of light with every breath I take. Let me know love in my heart, that I may share it with others. I am sooo grateful.
God grant me peace, love, light, and joy all the days of my life.
  • Today's Harmony Now tip: Always look for the best, be your best and do your best, and expect the best. What you focus on is what you get, do why not get the best! Since you deserve the best and were created from the best, only you stand in the way of receiving the best. Today, we challenge you to focus on 10 things that make you feel good, and envision the best in each situation. Make a game of it and record your findings in a journal or notebook. Wishing you All the Best!
  • Good morning! Here is our Harmony Now Tip for today:

    Sunday is a day for rest, relaxation, and taking time to just be. Today, give yourself permission to be free: free of worry, free of unnecessary work, free of fear. Show yourself that you are important and special by doing nice things for yourself.

    Affirm 10 times today: I am important and special and I love taking care of myself.

    I pray that you enjoy yourself today, and I ask Mother/Father God to bless and heal you and yours. And so it is. Amen
·         Cindy Fess
Today, I ask Great Spirit to fill your heart with love, to hold you close, to help you see beyond perceived obstacles and limitations. I ask your Creator to help you create positive outcomes through your positive thoughts and actions. I ask your angels to inspire and uplift you and give you peace. I pray you will visualize your many guides and angels walking with you today. All is well and all shall be well. And so it is. Amen
  • Happy valentine's Day beautiful beings of light! Today, we wish you much joy and love. This is a day to remember who you are: Great and powerful spirits created from the heart of Mother/Father God. As you take a moment to reflect on this, realize how special and perfect you are. Allow yourself to see not flaws, but perfection and divinity. Focus on your on light, and allow unconditional love to fill your heart. Today, I pray you treat yourself lovingly, gently, and compassionately. Nurture yourself and allow your angels to show you their great love for you. Today, YOU are your own Valentine, a beautiful being worthy of the best! I pray that you receive divine healing and blessings today. And so it is. Amen
Today, let us choose our words carefully. Words are powerful, and more so when the are said with emotion. As we speak, we set powerful energy into motion that begins to create, whether positively or negatively. When we speak positively, we begin to create that which we wish to experience. So, even though we may not currently be experiencing what we want, as we speak "as if it already is," then we are making it true for the future. Therefore, let us set the stage now for the next moments, days, and weeks with words of beauty, love, peace, and joy. as you proclaim it, so it IS. Proclaim (and claim) with the power of your carefully chosen and comciously repeated words that which you truly desire. And so it is and so it shall be. Amen


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