Welcome to Get Harmony Now


Welcome to Get Harmony Now!
   We are Cindy and Michael Fess from Louisville Kentucky. Here in these few pages on this site you can see who we are and what we do in an up-close and personal way. Cindy and I are a Twin-Flame couple spanning many lifetimes and countless scenarios serving Spirit's Light in any way we can. Get Harmony Now is the anchor for us and a name and trademark that more-fully indentifies who we are and what we do.

Get Harmony Now strives to bring you Truth, Beauty, Love, and Personal Empowerment. New offerings and creations by Cindy and Michael are continually being added. Beautiful, authentic, hand-made Harmony Gems Jewelry and original Art by Cindy; Breathtaking original music to lift and inspire your Spirit....channeled and performed by Michael. Musical performances by Cindy and Michael, and inspirational videos will be here as well ..plus lightning-fast access to our shows and events all around the country.

For up-to-the-minute offerings and inspiration, please request to join our growing FaceBook group, Get Harmony Now. Also, please LIKE us on our business FaceBook page, Harmony Now Productions. Thank you!

So, sit back and relax and take your time! We would love to hear your comments as well as ideas for how we can better serve you. More than anything, you will feel the love here!

Love, Light, and Gratitude,

Cindy and Michael

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