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New Video from Cindy & Michael's Harmony Now Video Series:

"Love & Relationships Part 2"

Opening hearts and doors with Harmony....

We are Michael and Cindy Fess from Louisville, Kentucky. We are a married "twin flame" couple dedicated to creating harmony on earth through enlightenment and self-empowerment. It is our passion and joy to share our love, time and talents with you. 

Please enjoy browsing through our offerings of mesmerizing music, guided meditations, handcrafted jewelry, art, and writings, as well as marking your calendar with the events that call to you. 

We travel around the country, internationally to bring you uplifting and inspirational keynote talks with musical performances, as well as retreats, seminars, trunk shows, and conferences. 

We love what we do, and we love connecting with you! So, please leave any positive and helpful comments, and feel free to contact us. 

​For each person who reads these words, we pray you receive the greatest blessings of love, abundance, health and happiness.

God bless you,

​Cindy and Michael


You are a blessing.

Thank you for spending time at our site, getting to know us. We appreciate you! You are a very special individual, unlike any other, a unique expression of Source. As you go about your day, remember to talk positively to yourself, to build yourself up, rather than tear yourself down. Only you can express your light and shine in a certain way that is uniquely you. In order to shine, simply receive all the beautiful love that is streaming to you from your Source, every second of every day. And then, share it with the world. Love is greatest healer of all, and your love heals the world, healing you at the same time.

Your prayers count. Your love is vital. Your light matters. Your positive thoughts, words, and deeds are very important. Thank you for being the light the world needs now!  

Cindy and Michael

Welcome from Cindy & Michael!

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